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BOARD MODELS --- "Spectrum"

Model Description:
The Spectrum is designed for small-to-medium size wave ripping and is to be ridden 2 to 4 inches shorter than your shortboard. It features a shortboard rocker template and a rail outline with a wide point moved back several inches. The shorter/wider combination will allow you to fit complete turns and full-speed radius power-arcs within the smaller pocket area of a small-to-medium size wave. The hip region has more surface area than a standard shortboard, allowing for speed generation in slow surf, for throwing buckets and big boosts! The wide hip pulls into a relatively tight swallow to mitigate the hip's extra surface area. The swallow provides bite and stability. Don't think of this board as a fish, as it leans to the shortboard side of the "spectrum".

Wave Size:
Waist High- Head



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