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BOARD MODELS --- "Fire Fish"

Model Description:
The Fire Fish is an "updated" version of the old-school / vintage fish. The rails are more pinched, there is more rocker throughout the board and the tail is pulled-in to a tighter swallow. The result is a board that planes through mushy, gutless surf, while allowing the surfer to rip easily. Part of the fun of a fish is playing with the fin set-up. Ride it as a twin with keels if it's one-foot and being owned by longboarders. Two feet with a bowl here and there? Put a trailer in and drive off the bottom. Advanced surfers will ride the Mod Fish as a quad and plow through sections in hollow surf. Optimal fin variation will differ with every surfer and condition, so be open-minded and have fun. Ride the Fire Fish six to eight inches shorter than your shortboard for goodtimes!

Wave Size:
Knee  Chest High